Clear, user friendly resource, cycle time, shipping cost efficiency(Pitch time) and demand planning and visualisation tool used for resource, capacity and logistics management as well as lean tools for business improvement analysis. It is ready to use, with example data filled in to provide a view of how the tool reads and calculates. I have made this product specifically for businesses that need a planning and visualisation tool for reviewing and adjusting capabilities and requirements of work force and delivery output, this will also provide KPI's that can be printed for management and business reporting as well as a feedback tool between departments such as production or services to sales and planning. You only need some basic MS Excel skills.

Can be used in MS Excel and Google sheets. The sheet comes with an easy to understand instruction manual that guides you step by step through the tool.

Productivity and Cost Efficiency Plan

  • This product has been created in Microsoft Excel and will require a license or subscription to Microsoft Office/Excel to run.