An Operation management and visualisation workbook which will capture and aid with reporting on:


  • Employee and Machine Skills capability - Enabling easy visualisation of available skills and where there maybe constraints in achieving demands.


  • Product requirements detail - Easily visualise where there are high usage of certain operations or skills which may generate bottle necks.


  • Machine/Tool and Employee availability planning - Able to easily monitor and track available hours for work as well as planned down time, Maintenance and Holidays.


  • Demands and Inventory requirements planning - Creating a fast automatic confirmation of available stock to requirements that can be immediately shipped as a delivery view and a automated schedule list of requirements and quantitys for planned works/production along with their lead-time commitments.


Operations Management Tool

  • This workbook contains macros and may require saving as a XLSM (Macro enabled) file dependant on the version of excel you have. This can be checked by pressing the button in the "Build Orders Schedule tab" and see if it works. This work book was created using Office 365.