Why Manufacturing?

#Manufacturing has been my entire career. From starting as an apprentice in a small sheet metal workshop I felt a click with the way I could work, visualise and understand the way to deliver.

Over the years I have grown and survived hard times as we all have to stay part of this amazing industry as it supports our families and communities. I have seen many businesses and the way they function and their investments, some successes, some failures. My mission has always been to do what's right, for the business and its employees because I care what happens not just now but for the future as these businesses and their employees deserve success and not to worry if they will be able to carry on.

As with all things the emphasis has been on fast and cheap to win the business, the beauty in most British manufacturing is its innovative nature and pride in regulated quality.

I have been fortunate to have chances to research, collaborate and integrate changes, improvements and investments for helping a business deliver its expert works to achieve better value for its customers all while achieving faster delivery, lower costs, more competitive operations and process.

As a person who came in through an apprenticeship I can say manufacturing is a rewarding and diverse industry allowing anyone to develop and define a career if they are willing to push themselves in to the opportunity. The word of warning has to be that as with all things not all companies and more importantly their ability to manage and support development of employees are made equal, hence my years in the industry have created a mindset of pursuing change and development both personally and for business gain which can be equal parts blessing and curse. As an employee with that drive and appreciation for the right approach done the right way can find you carrying the responsibility for a lot of change, research and implementation but when enabled to bring to fruition and realise the full gains with business support can be so fulfilling.

Manufacturing Relevance

With a big emphasis on software and IT solutions in industry it's too easy to think that physical manufacturing is no longer still relevant but with everything that has and is happening I wouldn't be surprised if we see a resurgence in UK manufacturing strength and the desire for a competent and skilled workforce. After all we haven't been uploaded in to the internet like some sci-fi movie and so we all still enjoy the pride of owning a physical piece of tech or furnishing our homes and work spaces with greatly crafted and professionally precise furnishings, gadgets and toys. So I guess I am shining a realistic and considered light on a career path which can be equal parts as challenging as any other but incomparable and unlimited in reward of collaboration, skill, art, pride, fame and the pay can be quite attractive too.


If pursuing a career in manufacturing seems attractive but being an engineer isn't what you are looking for then there are far more opportunities to be part of the team than anyone can imagine. With roles like stock control, quality control, design, leadership, procurement, project management, sales, finance, marketing, training, business analysis and many more you can apply or develop your desired skills and experience. With so many sectors to meet your interests you could be part of the countries defence technology, the next best games console, latest cars, fashion, tools or instruments, manufacturing and your involvement is limitless and that's why manufacturing.

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