Stepping in to Industry 4.0

Cloud systems and the internet of things
Connecting the right way to Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0, the next phase of industrial revolution. With the Internet of Things (IoT), cloud based solutions, remote and interactive live data, digital Twin's of entire factory's and interconnected automated machines. Is this really obtainable for your average business? Or is it reserved for the elite corporations flush with cash?

The truth is anyone can start to adopt and take advantage of software and integrated technology and at the right price. Though all things need extensive research and consideration to risks, with cyber security being an ever increasing concern it's something that should be on every businesses mind already. Before I make this blog too long though the real question I want to address in this is should every business jump straight to solutions tagged as industry 4.0? To quote a talk by Janet Godsell only "13% of companies are at level 3 readiness", and the mistaken view maybe that industry 4 is a solution rather than a capability. Digital software is a tool and is no different from traditional approaches the principle is the same so the journey and its requirements for businesses to handle their

processes better should not be ignored.

Understanding the business of the business is integral for positioning it optimally for growth, improved efficiency and aligning the data and functions of the business ready for systems and automation's. This means digging deep in to the detail step by step unravelling the current state and being brutally honest about what does and doesn't work well, only then can each process be defined and measured. Data capturing is the fundamentals of understanding how you are performing now, how you could perform at optimal, how much more you could gain and what targets are achievable by when. These things can and should be done, outlined and worked way before considering spending money and resource chasing and lunging at systems and creating headaches. The reality is it's a Journey and only by working through the full scope and detail of the business to understand and lean out the wastes can a company and its employees truly embrace changes like Industry 4. Don't get me wrong systems are valuable, time saving, instantly connective and increase our capability and knowledge but only if the information we feed them is reliable.

Remember rubbish in equals rubbish out!

If your business is struggling for resource or unable to coordinate an unbiased true view of its processes then engaging with a consultant can help, Quality process Analytics can facilitate and coordinate the right approach executing the best tools and methods to gauge where your business is at and align measures, reports and procedures to achieve business excellence and vision. click our logo below to contact us for more or an impartial discussion.

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