Free ways using your data can immediately help - Customer Demand

Now I know a lot of this may come across as simple and basic but I think that's the point. I find simple things are the success factors that are quite easily forgotten when a business gains traction, yet are the foundations that built the original success.

If you are a business providing a product, manufacturing or providing a service i am sure at least 2 of these solutions will apply, can help take control of your data and add value straight away. If there is only one thing I want to provide from this blog is the trick to focus on is not delivering the end product or service but what we are really dealing in is effective data management and communication.

Customer Demand

Success of business requires custom and winning such depends on a few balance factors one of which is the ability to balance demands and deliver. Even if you are using a complex database and exporting to spreadsheets or just basic recording in a simple Workbook the key is the insights and these are driven by recording the right data or information at the right time.

For the purposes of this consider tracking the following as a minimum:

  • Unique ID

  • Part Number

  • Required Quantity

  • Required Date

  • Order Date

  • Customer

  • Price

With these details a tracking document can be maintained to not only provide demand visibility via simple formulas, Pivot Tables and/or charts also trends can be identified and actioned on to better the business position.

Consider the following with regards to proactive data analysis that can be done with such a spreadsheet.

  • Pareto of days delay to find requirements needing development and improvement.

  • Pivot table of requirements schedule resources and identify constraints.

  • Chart of historic requirements to determine load levelling opportunities and identify trends for forecast for future demands.

  • KPI dashboard of on time delivery, demands per week, lead- times actual vs planned, etc. For identifying progress of operational performance and Growth potential.

Whilst these may seem like basics I hope this serves as a reminder to some that there are fundamental actions that can and should be taken to bring meaningful benefit that are relatively cheap or can be free. Implemented and Properly systemised into the business all of these can be built on with macro automation, exports to SQL database or simply easier data handling and dashboards through apps like Google sheets. And of course if and when a business grows to need it you can then implement and develop this sort of data management on a far more extensive and expensive ERP system or other data handling software.

This is one of a series of blogs on my experience of beneficial data use solutions if in the meantime I can be of any help then please feel free to contact me or get in touch via the website. Good luck!

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